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Third Annual Halal Food Festival Draws Large Crowd

More than 4,000 people attended Saturday’s third annual Halal Food Festival at Rowland Park in South Brunswick.
Organized by the Muslim Youth Community Center, the festival’s halal food – prepared according to Islamic guidelines and permissible for Muslims to eat – included cuisine from the Middle East, China, South Asia, Afghanistan and America. Non-food vendors at []

Halal Food Festival brings delicious cuisine to South Brunswick Saturday

Vendors from all over served up delicious cuisine at the Halal Food Festival Saturday in Rowland Park in South Brunswick.
Vendors such as Douglas Pizzeria and Grill, Ibby’s Falafel, Kasra Restaurant, Chinese Mirch and Kabab and Curry Express lined the park while attendees lined up for tasty ethnic food for the all-day event that started at []

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