Halal Food Festival

Launched in 2012, the Halal Food Festival was the first of its kind and was an immediate hit, inspiring Halal Food Festivals all over the world—from Chicago, to Toronto, to London, all the way to Malaysia and back. The Halal Food Festival provides a fun-filled day for the whole family to enjoy while also supporting local non-food and food businesses that provide Halal food options to the community. When referring to food, “halal” means foods that are prepared according to Islamic guidelines and are permissible for Muslims to consume.

As an added benefit, all money that is collected at the event is donated to charity.

At this year’s Halal Food Festival nearly 4,000 people and 50 vendors attended, and MYCC donated over $15,000 for UNRWA relief missions in Gaza and Syria.

For more about Halal Food Fest, or to see some photos and video, please visit: www.halalfoodfest.org.