Khutbah Team

To train speakers that can deliver the teachings of Islam to the masses in their language and from the context of being an American Muslim, and who will invigorate the community with meaningful and enlightening sermons.

To maintain a repository of speakers that can be deployed at any time for events at the masjid, fundraisers, Friday sermons, etc.

To maintain the speakers’ profiles online in a way that gives reassurance to the community that the individual has gone through a formal training to become a certified speaker.

The way it works:

  • Local khateebs and scholars train potential khateebs for over 15 hours, including intensive modules, tips and techniques
  • Each khateeb trainee is then required to conduct a 15-minute khutbah that is recorded and critiqued by the instructors and peers.
  • If necessary, conduct follow-up training until the khateeb is certified
  • Once certified, graduates are injected into local communities and masajid

Classes are usually conducted annually in January.

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