Muslim Basketball

Muslim Basketball

Founded in 2006, Muslim Basketball (MB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit men’s basketball league conducted several times per year in New Jersey. MB is devoted to giving Muslim brothers and non-Muslim friends a chance to gather in an organized environment, build friendships with one another, pray with each other, and enjoy the game of basketball together. MB offers a high level of segmented competition of multiple divisions while maintaining organized basketball standards such as regulation-sized gyms, referees, and stats-keepers. Read more about Muslim Basketball here, or in articles featured in The Washington Post, NBC Sports, Got Wudu,, SLAMonline, and Ummah Sports.

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have been organized, with many including several different divisions


and guests have participated in the league

1,263 GAMES

have been played in the regular season and playoffs

131,633 POINTS

total have been scored in the history of the league

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