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MyCCSports Women's Team Wins

Our Goals

  • To give the youth a safe, healthy and positive means of interacting with each other that promotes health and wellness, and mitigates against violence and substance abuse
  • To connect the Muslim youth of New Jersey together through sports into one cohesive community agnostic of ethnicity, race, color, locale, or religiosity. Our leagues currently include teams from 14 different communities. It is our hope that the gaps that exist within the supporting structures of the youth such as our Islamic Schools, Mosques, and Community Centers, will also be drawn togther.

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MYCCSports currently offers both boys and girls sports for teenagers ages 13 to 17 in high school grades 9-12, including Basketball, Flag Football, Volleyball, and Soccer. For convenience to the parents, we typically split each league into a North and Central Division, with inter-divisional match-ups in the playoff and championship series.

What’s the long term vision?

To expand our the MYCC Sports League into a multi-sport league catering to both the young men and women (ages 5-18) of the New Jersey community. Our short term plans include adding a flag-football and volleyball in the fall, and soccer in the spring. Additionally we hope to run a baseball club, and various sports events and tournaments.

About us

Our Experience: Since our inception seven years ago, over 1,000 athletes have participated in our leagues. We are in the midst of planning for our 11th basketball season (24 teams), our 5th Softball season (14 teams) and our 4th Football season (16 teams.) Each year our leagues have grown by an average of 10%. We are fully insured, and have rented facilities from a variety of public and private entities such as: Police Athletic Leagues, multiple Townships, Counties, YMCAs, etc. To get more information on our leagues please visit us at and

Bigger than sports: MYCCSports Gives Back

MYCCSports Gives Back is the league’s community outreach initiative that addresses important social issues such as poverty, youth and family development, and health and wellness. MYCCSports and its teams support a wide range of programs, partners, and initiatives that strive to positively impact children and families nationwide. As part of MYCCSports’ mission to train the youth to be the leaders of tomorrow in social responsiblity, MYCCSports reaches communities through philanthropy and hands on service.

In our project in Basketball ‘14, each team competed to collect various food items that through the help of our partner SMILE, went to help feed 100 families for the entire month of Ramadan. Through MYCCSports, the youth get to live the values of the league, and grow both physically and spiritually.